Tis the season…. Here is a quick update on COAP, as a lot of things are going on!!! COAP, Inc has bought 4 homes and we are currently working on them. Two of the homes will be rentals and the other two will be refurbished and sold.

We also have the unique opportunity to partnership with ARC (Addiction Recovery Center) and provide a much needed facility for men here in Harlan. It will employee somewhere between 8-14 professionals. The facility will be located in the ATKINS property we received this summer. Please remember us in prayer for this project. We feel that what this partnership can bring to Harlan is one we can never duplicate or afford to pass. We have been met with some opposition. Please please pray for guidance and acceptance.

All of us here would like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and best wishes for a glorious holiday and that God may bless us all!!

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