We have a new service. A commercial roofing division.

Through a grant program we trained local citizens on commercial PVC roofing. The grant was to fix the downtown “Belk’s” bldg and provide training to individuals like; displaced coal miners or drug rehabilitated to transition into the work force with an in-demand skill set. As a result, COAP Inc. received a franchise from DURO-Last a leading PVC roof membrane manufacturer.  The program has been a huge success. In an atmosphere of decreasing funding, the Durolast franchise has been a lifeline for our mission. As to date, COAP has used 6 new workers on 10 commercial roofs. We continue to bless and be blessed. We hire the unemployed and the profit from these jobs allow us to continue the work for affordable housing

John 17:18 – “In the same way, Father, you gave me (Jesus) a MISSION, I gave them (COAP) a mission.”

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